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Find Free WiFi Spots

In my life as a real estate agent, I am out on the road alot. I am always looking for a nice place to stop, work, drink coffee, and get a free wifi hookup. In the past couple of years, they have become more and more available, and now I can have a database of the most current ones right on my iPod Touch thanks to jWire. It's one thing to be able to hop on my phone, go to the web and search for free wifi hotspots. Yet, here in Vermont, we can have sketchy reception because of the mountainous terrain. The catch has been that I am out of range and want to find the closest hotspot, but can't because I don't have a signal, but that's what I want......what to do?

With Free WiFi Finder I download the full database right to my device, so that wherever I am, I can look up by zip code, or location and bingo, up come the closest hotspots to me.

One thing is that there are some spots that have closed their doors and others that are new and not in the database yet. There is an option within the app that allows you to add locations, but as far as I can see old ones can't be removed.

A free app for finding free do you beat that?